Vacation Bible School
June 5-9, 2017

Bayshore Baptist Church
3111 West Morrison Ave
Tampa, FL 33629

*Please complete a separate registration form for each child.*
VBS runs Monday-Friday 9am-12pm.
VBS is for children who have completed Pre-Kindergarten through completed 5th grade
Cost is $30 per child for the whole week and includes a Gadgets and Gizmos t-shirt.
Scholarships available.

Aftercare is available from 12pm-5pm for a cost of $25 per day.

Missions will benefit Metropolitan Ministries.
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Please enter your child's first and last name. *

(If you have multiple children you would like to register, please complete a separate registration form for each child.)
What grade did your child just complete in the 2016-2017 school year? *

(Children must be 5 by 9/1/17 to register for VBS.)

When is your child's birthday? *

What is your name? *

If you are not the child's parent or guardian, please enter the parent/guardian's information.
What is your mailing address? *

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Who will be picking up your child this week from VBS? *

Please list everyone who will be picking up your child including yourself, the child's father, mother, grandparents and/or babysitters, for example. The people listed here will be who your child's Small Group Leader is allowed to release your child to at the end of each day.
Please enter a secondary emergency contact name and their relationship to the child. *

This contact will only be used if we are unable to reach the main parent/guardian contact listed above in the event of an emergency.
Please provide the secondary emergency contact's daytime phone number. *

Does your child have any allergies or special needs? Please list below.

We will provide a snack each day, but are happy to accommodate allergies. Please talk to the directors about any questions or concerns you may have.
A VBS t-shirt is included in the cost and will be given out the first day of VBS. *

Children will be grouped according to grade completed. Friend requests may be made, but are not guaranteed.  If you would like, please list 1 friend your child would like to be placed with.

Will you be needing aftercare? VBS runs from 9am-12pm. Aftercare is available each day from 12pm-5pm. You will provide a lunch and the cost is $25 per day. *

Aftercare is available each day, but you can register for only the days you need.

We encourage you to pay for VBS online by visiting the church's payment website, PushPay, listed below. The total cost for the week is $30.  You may also pay for aftercare on the same website, if necessary.
(Under "Giving Type" choose "OTHER", then in the Memo line put "VBS - CHILD(REN)'S NAME".)

This year our VBS Mission Partner is Metropolitan Ministries. Throughout the week, we will challenge our kids to bring items to contribute to this wonderful organization. Metropolitan Ministries supports the homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless in the Tampa Bay area with services to alleviate suffering, promote dignity and instill self-sufficiency. These are the 3 items we will ask kids to bring in: cereal, peanut butter and diapers (all sizes).

If you have additional questions, please contact the directors at

Thank you for registering for Gadgets and Gizmos VBS at Bayshore Baptist Church!

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